Baby hat…knitted for a toddler

When my brother and his wife had a baby girl I thought it’d be nice to knit her a hat to stay warm in her first winter. As it turns out, I knitted a hat that will be suitable for her second winter.

1. Use a different thickness of wool to the pattern and guess at the number of stitches that now need to be cast on. Knit a bit of ribbing and realise you’re about 5 inches short.

2. Stubbornly refuse to unravel and start again. Just cast another few stitches onto the needle and work up to the same number of rows (while trying to remember how many rows you’ve done.


The perfect crime! The only evidence that remains is the differing quality of the ribbing between the two pieces (the smaller piece - on the left - naturally being the piece that looks good) 


3. Starting to look like an armadillo. This is correct. Probably shouldn’t be quite so big, though babies grow quite quickly don’t they?


4. When you run out of wool for the ear flaps simply unravel an abortive pair of mittens with the other ball. The left and right were different sizes and you forgot the thumbhole.

5. A halfway decent job! Now where’s that baby?

6. Ah, there she is. Fits perfectly!

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